Frequently asked questions

What to do if you're under a ban?

If you have been banned by one of the West Conwy Pubwatch premises then you are banned from all member premises throughout the area; that is what “Banned from One - Banned from All” means.

Can I appeal against my ban?

You may appeal at any time throughout your ban, although your local Pubwatch reserves the right to reject that appeal. If you wish to appeal, the only ways you can do this is either via our appeal page above which is the quickets and fastest way of doing it or by writing in person to the Pubwatch Liaison Officer at your local Police Station. They will then pass your appeal on to your local Pubwatch chair person, who will then discuss it with the local Pubwatch members. You will then be notified of the result of your appeal, please note the Pubwatch committee only meets once a month to discuss appeals normaly with in the first week. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES APPROACH any pub or landlord with your issue as they will not be able to help you and it may end in you having your ban being increasted. .

Can I have legal representation?

Yes, but this is at your own expense. However, please remember that Pubwatch is made up of people trying to do their best to protect their staff and customers by keeping unwanted behaviours out of premises.

What are the possible outcome of an appeal?

If the local Pubwatch committee considers the appeal to be frivolous, for example, if you are seen on CCTV committing anti-social behaviour such as damage or violence or you are merely stating that you believe Pubwatch to be an unfair system then we reserve the right not to hear your appeal. A successful appeal could result in variation of the length of the ban if genuine mitigating circumstances are demonstrated by you. It is worth noting that Pubwatch appeal panels may welcome the chance to speak in person to the one who is appealing however, this will be at the discretion of the Pubwatch.

What happens if i breach my ban?

Your ban may be extended by 6 months or more for each breach so you need to ask yourself, 'Is it worth the risk of being spotted?' Please note: anyone who tries to buy drinks FOR a banned person also leaves themselves open to having a ban of their own, particularly if they know about the ban. Also for thoes who continuously breach there ban a portfolio will be built on them and handed to north wales police who may seek a court order against them.

If i'm banned from one town can i drink in a diffrent town?

Yes. A person who is banned from say, Bangor Pubwatch, can drink in any other pub out side of there. You are only restricted from drinking in pubs / clubs / restaurants who are members of West Conwy Pubwatch, a list of which can be found on our website...

How are the Police & Licensing involved?

Police & Licensing play no part in deciding whether someone should be banned, or on the outcome of an appeal. They are there to support Pubwatches when the need arises.

The Right to Exclude

There is an implied permission by public houses to members of the public to enter their premises. The public house is entitled to revoke that implied permission and that is what the ban actually does. It is not a Human Rights issue - we are not a public body and it does not concern the exercise of a public function.

What is pubwatch?

Pubwatch is the licensed trade's equivalent of Neighbourhood Watch. it is made up of premises from Llandudno, The bay of Colwyn, Llandudno Junction, Conwy & Penmaenmawr Called West Conwy Pubwatch, this website - assists in bringing the local Pubwatch community together.

Who makes the decision to ban an individual?

The decision to ban an individual rests with Pubwatch members and is taken in private.

How is the ban publicised?

The individual’s details are circulated to Pubwatch members and posted on the Pubwatch website. The photographs and names of banned persons are only displayed within the secure section of the Pubwatch website, never on public Internet view. Only Pubwatch licensees and authorised personnel have to access this information.

How can i reduce my ban?

Every one will get a review at the half way point and at this point if you have not breached your ban or been involved in any illeagl activity on licence premises and the reason for your ban did not involve assault on staff members the licensee then pubwatch may lift your ban for good behaviour how ever there will be the condition you avoid being put back on the list for at least six months if you are put forward in this time then the remaining of your original ban will be added to your new ban. If your incedent did involve a member of staff or the licensee then you will have to of compleated at least 75% of you ban before a review and at this point pubwatch will meet with the premises involved and take there advice in to account.

How do i find out i'v been placed on a ban?

If your placed on a ban and we have you address or email address you will be forwarded a letter with information about your ban. In cases we don't have contact details for you, you will be told by a members premises upon tring to enter and told to come to this website and fill out the contact form and some will get back to you with in 24hrs with your letter.

What will get me put on a ban?

Simple answer unacceptable hehaviour for example ---

No act of violence to any person

No threat of violence or act of intimidation towards any licensee of staff member.

No damage or threat of damage to property belonging to the licensee or staff.

No act of vandalism or anti-social behaviour.

No use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs.

No theft of property belonging to the licensee or staff.

No possession of any weapon.

No act of racism or hate crime.

No purchasing of alcohol for a person subject of a ban

also any that puts te venue in danger of breaking the 4 licensing objectives which are --

1. The prevention of crime and disorder

2. public safty

3.The Prevention of public nuisance

4. Th protection of children from harm